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Going off road

I guess today was not my day to die. I was on 526 headed home to North Charleston from Kiawah. I have been driving this route for almost 10 years back and forth. I am in the left lane and moving along with traffic around 65 or 70. There were vehicles in front of me and I probably had 2 or 3 car lengths between me and the SUV in front of me. I am listening to the comedy channel and my brain took notice that traffic in the left lane had come to a complete stop and I was still moving along with not enough time to stop. I hit the brakes and confirmed that even locking up the tires was not going to do squat. So, I went off road missing the left rear tail light and bumper of the SUV. For some reason I bumped the horn twice as I flew past him and four or five other cars that were stopped. That is right, MEEP MEEP and into the dirt I went. I started to fish tail and my brain told me DO NOT over react or you will find yourself in the steel cables to your left or spinning around on the asphalt and hitting other vehicles. I managed to tap the brakes a couple of times and got my foot of the accelarator and kept control of the vehicle until I stopped. Everyone was still stopped on the freeway probably watching me. I put my blinker on, got back on 526 and headed for the I26 exit. I am home and my Kia Sorento seems to be fine. I will look at it closer tomorrow in the day light.

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