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Taking our faith Public

Today at Coastal Community Church Pastor Chris talked to us about Taking our Faith Public. Here are five points Pastor Chris encouraged us to consider as we invite folks to church for Easter Sunday.

  • Pray for your unchurched friends

At coastal we have been challenged to have an “invite and invest” card in our wallet. On that card we write down the names of three people who we know that are not going to church and need a relationship with Christ. We write down those names and we are challenged to pray for those people on a daily basis. As we pray for them we are reminding ourselves of their need and it keeps them in the forefront of our minds. It reminds us when opportunities arise with those people to invite them to church.

  • Look for ways to tell others that you are a christian

We were reminded that there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. We should not be obnoxious or push about our faith. We should find moments in time where it would be natural to mention the different activities that we are involved in at church. As christians we should have a christ centered view and not a world view.   

  • Invest in others by serving them.

Many years ago I learned the following lesson and Chuck Swindoll coined this phrase. “People do not care how much we know until they know how much we care”. No one wants to hear the same old hell fire and brimstone mantra. Who wants to hear that they are going to go to hell and burn for eternity if they do not join a church or get saved? Do we really believe that unchurched people understand our church jargon? It is not our job to convert or change anyone. That is the job of the Holy Spirit. Our job is to love people and to live life in front of them and with them. We should show people the love of Christ through serving them in whatever way we can. Serving them can be either large or small. If there is a family that is moving into your neighborhood offer to help them move in. What about that couple that desperately need a evening out and need a babysitter. If we open our eyes and look around at others then it won’t be that difficult to find ways to serve them.

  • Invite friends to church

Have you tried to invite your friends or co workers to church lately? Pray for them, serve them in whatever capacity you can and then invite them to come to church with you.

  • Invite my friends to have faith in Jesus

Do you feel that you do not know enough about the gospel of Christ to invite people to have the same faith you do? Do you feel as if you should be as knowledgable about the bible as your pastor or Billy Graham before you can share your faith? God only expects for you to be genuine and to share your life story with people. What does the bible mean to you? Why do you read it? Why do you pray for people? Why do you enjoy going to church? How has Christ changed your life since you invited him into your life? What is your story? Before you invited Christ into your life what kind of world view did you have? How did you treat yourself and others? Are you different now? Do you have different dreams, passions, motivations?

We all have a story to tell. It is ok to admit you do not have all the answers with regards to the bible. Theologians have been debating the finer points of bible doctrine for centuries. I do not believe that anyone expects us to have all the answers.

In closing there are 3 types of people who are most open to talking about God.

  • when people are under tension or anxiety
  • when people are in transition
  • when people are in trouble

I believe that we are real people who have been given a real gift and that gift is Jesus Christ and his love for humanity. Despite our sinfulness Christ died on the cross for us so that we can have a relationship with God through eternity. People need to hear about the awesome and life changing love of God. We need to live a life of obedience to the word of God and be genuine about our love for others. We need to put the needs of others before our needs. When we live life in that manner then people will know that we are different and they will be curious about what makes us different. We are living in a world that has real problems that need real answers. If we share a real faith in Christ with those in need we can lead them to the cross where they can find some of those answers.   

Remember to pray for 3 people this week and write down their names. Look for some way to serve them. Invite them to church on Sunday. You might be surprised at their response.

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Check out Write On Wednesday–A Writers Roundtable

One of the blogs I love to follow is Becca’s Byline

Today, Becca writes about what it means to be a writer.  I thought that it might be a good place for me to do some reflection, and to answer the 5 important questions about writing.

Write on Wednesday – A Writer’s Roundtable  talks about the following 5 W’s of writing.

Who —-> How do you identify yourself as a writer?  Is it something you do for self-fulfillment, do you have a message to impart, do you write to make a living and is that different from other writing you do?

Most of my writing is on our Christ and Family oriented blog here.  Yes, I do it for self fulfillment.  I do it to make a connection with other people who are of like mind and spirit.  In the past, I have written some articles and stories that were published and I got paid for them.  To me though, that takes most of the fun out of writing. 

What—> What is your line?  What subjects or themes do you return to again and again?  What do you  want to explore  and impart to others in your writing?

My tag line comes from a quote I read in a book on compassion by Chuck Swindol.  People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Most of the time I write about our faith in Christ, family living, technology and personal self defense.  I want to share my life experiences with others in the hope that they will be encouraged. 

Where—>  Nuts and bolts, here.  Do you  write at home, in an office cubicle, the library or neighborhood coffee shop?  or all of the above!

I write at home at my desk or at a local coffee shop.  I have been known to take a lunch break at the office and write about something that I am passionate about during that moment. 

When—>  Do you write on a regular schedule?   Do you find it necessary  or important to sit down  at the same time every day?  Or does your life dictate that you write whenever and wherever you can find the time and inspiration?

I write when I have the time to write.  I would love to write more but my busy schedule does not allow me to do this.  Between church, family, work and school I do not have much time for recreational writing.  I love to write when I feel inspired or passionate about a subject. 

Why—>  Why write?  The answer comes from the “who” you are as a writer, but also asks you to consider the importance of the written word in our world today and for the world tomorrow.

My writing really took off for me back when my daughter Jessica was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and two aggressive forms of cancer.  My pastor at that time told me that writing through my grief experience was good therapy.  I guess some folks talk about grief, I chose to write about it. 

I believe that the written word is powerful and has the power to either build people up or tear them down.  I believe that it has the power to encourage people and to give them hope.  I want to be the type of writer that encourages people to make it through the tough times in life.  I want to encourage people to lean on God who loves them more than they will ever know. 

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Striving to be more faithful

Today I was reminded that the book of Genesis talks about families and conflict. This book also speaks to how the people dealt with the conflicts,and how God was faithful in the midst of that conflict. I was reminded that no matter what I do, or don’t do, that I can not stop the plan, or will of God.

I was also reminded of the fact, that God’s will happens, within his timing, and not my own. Understanding this helps me to realize that I need to have faith in what God says in his word. All through the bible God makes promises and he keeps them. The bible says “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God”. What do we have faith in? There are many things in this world that can distract us from our faith in God. Are we able to be content with God’s will for our lives? Do we have enough faith to believe that God has a plan and purpose for our life? Are we willing to be still and listen to God so that he can reveal that plan and purpose?

The conflict that happens with our faith is that we take matters into our own hands. We want to be in control of our own lives. We do not want other people telling us what to do. As children, and young adults, we yearn for the day to stand on our own two feet, and make our way in this world. Having faith in God does not mean we are mindless puppets. It also does not mean that we are too weak to deal with reality, or that we are looking for some sort of crutch. It does not mean, that we use faith as an excuse to blame someone else for our failures.

Having a sense of direction and goals in life is good. Realizing that we do not understand everything and that we are prone to making mistakes, will help us to look to our faith for the strength to go on. Some would say that being a person of faith means that all your troubles are over, but that is far from being true. Living by faith, means that we put our trust in God and that we release the control of our lives to him. The more we pursue God in our lives, the easier it is to recognize his voice, and to trust him with our lives. The road to faithfulness is filled with a life time of learning many lessons.

One of the ways that God proves his faithfulness to us, is by allowing us to be in a place where we are not able to control the situation. When we get to that point, we can chose to fight or we can let go of the circumstances of life, and let God do what only God is able to do. That does not mean that we can live life irresponsibly, or with reckless abandon. Some times we wind up in bad places, because of bad life choices. God does forgive us of bad decisions, but part of the lesson might be living through the circumstances.

Living a life of faith in God, means that our hope is in someone higher than ourselves. My hope is in Christ and his blood and righteousness. I believe that he shed his blood on the cross for the sins of man, and that he defeated death, and that he loves us very much. My hope is that I can have faith in the word of God, and when I do get in the way and screw up, that he is there to pick me up, dust me off and put me back on the right path.

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