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Guest Post – Families and Finding Support Groups

Families and Finding Support Groups Families dealing with a debilitating disease, like a diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma cancer, often can find much-needed help with a support group. Finding one that fits your individual needs isn't easy, but … [Read more]

What happened to modesty and consideration ?

Despite what you may think, I am not a prude.  I guess I have an unrealistic expectation of my fellow man when it comes to being considerate and showing some modesty in public. Katy and I live in a nice gated community.  Please let me highlight … [Read more]

Memorial Day is not happy

This is Memorial Day weekend 2015 I think that some Americans are confused about what this holiday is. No, it is not Labor Day. No, it is not Independence Day. It is not Veterans Day. I think some folks confuse Memorial Day with Veterans Day. … [Read more]

German youth get a new beginning and hope for the future

Children are to be seen and not heard. That rule was in full force when my sister and I went with our parents to go visit anyone, including our own relatives. We spoke when spoken to. We asked permission to do anything. We never interrupted the adult … [Read more]

25 years of marriage as of May 12th

    As of May 12th Katy Moffitt and I celebrated 25 years of marriage.  That is right, back in 1990 we stood in a Baptist church in Houston Texas and before God, friends and family we vowed to be husband and wife no matter what.  For … [Read more]

5 Things I will teach my boys about pornography – Daily Positive

I read this and I have to agree.  I hope that people read this article and take it to heart.  Pornography is a billion dollar industry and it is destroying families.  You can read the article Daily Positive . … [Read more]

Our stories and how they impact us

I keep finding myself being encouraged to tell my story. I love to write about things that I am passionate about. This blog has been an outlet for writing about things I am passionate about. Angie Mizzell lives in Charleston with her family and … [Read more]

Office for Mac Preview

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that there is an Office for Mac Preview.  Being that I love to live on the bleeding edge I took the plunge.  I installed the Office suite on my Macbook and everything worked up until the point that I imported the … [Read more]

Testimony: Paul Arsenault

I recently met Paul at DXL where he helped me to try on some new clothes.  Paul made my shopping experience much easier than I had expected.  Typically I hate shopping for clothes because it reminds me of how morbidly obese I am.  Weight loss has … [Read more]

Office for Mac Preview available

One of my local friends, Michael Carnell, posted to social media about the Office for Mac preview that is now available for download.  You can run Office for Mac preview along side of Office 2011 for Mac.  The install package is 2.5 GB in size so you … [Read more]