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What I really hate about South Carolina – Carolina Yankee

What I really hate about South Carolina – Carolina Yankee. My friend, Heather Solos is speaking out against domestic violence against women in South Carolina.  This post and the different news sources that she references illuminates some very real … [Read more]

Left Behind – Are you ready?

I just watched the movie trailer and I believe that this is going to be a very good movie. Take your friends and families to see it.  I am thrilled that a big name actor is going to have a leading role in this movie.  Maybe it will attract more … [Read more]

saboteur365 | Sabotaging the System one Truth at a Time 365 Days a Year

I am in LOVE with this blog. OH MY GOSH... I have spent the last 30 minutes reading some of the blog posts and I love them.  Why you ask?  Click on the link below and see for yourself.  It appears that the blog owner is sifting through all of the … [Read more]

Till death do us part | A Post and Courier Special Report

Honestly, I was in the dark about this problem. I guess that is because Katy and I do not know anyone in our close circles who have been victims of domestic abuse.  One of my friends brought it to our attention on Facebook and wants to do something … [Read more]

What to say, what to say

It appears that I completely skipped July and thus far half of August without posting one single thing to our blog.  I say "our blog" because my wife Katy does have the ability to post here but for the most part does not.  So, what in the world do I … [Read more]

From the Blog Lake Superior Spirit –

I subscribe to the Lake Superior Spirit blog and I enjoy reading the posts.  This morning you can read a timely reminder of how we should talk about others here. … [Read more]

It is that time of year again folks! Hurricane Season 2014 is upon us

I subscribe to Home Ec-101 with Heather Solos, and she wrote a timely message this morning about being prepared for the 2014 Hurricane Season here.  Heather also has a lot of great information on her site so I would hope you will take the time to … [Read more]

Reblog of a post I saw this morning from Heartstone Journey

I met Tim Young of Heartstone Journey on Google Plus about a year ago.  If I remember correctly he wanted to share my story about losing our Jessica Ann to cancer and how we walked through that stormy period of our life.  How we leaned on each other … [Read more]

Living out our faith in the small things

I got up this morning and did the same thing I do every morning. I have a daily routine or ritual that I follow. I would like to think that we are creatures of habit and those habits help us to maintain some sort of balance in our lives. If you are … [Read more]

Battle of the bulge

I tore myself away from the two computer monitors and social media this afternoon and walked 2 miles. As I was walking down Blue House Road this afternoon I thought about my friend who recently walked 444 miles. I must say that the thought of doing … [Read more]